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Do gift baskets sell well?

February 6, 2021

Thank you gift baskets are one of the top selling items in the edible gifts category. If you are thinking of starting a thank you gift baskets business then you need to decide what themes you will include in your thank you gift baskets. Thank you gift baskets can be […]

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Virtual Events

February 6, 2021

Virtual Events Are you looking for an experienced, licensed, and insured company to ship gourmet food, creative libations, and interactive swag bags for your organization’s next Virtual Event!? In light of COVID-19, going virtual has become […]

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What are good things to put in a gift basket?

February 5, 2021

Thank you gift baskets can be comprised of many types of items depending on the nature of the event and the personal preferences of the thank you gift baskets recipient. Thank you gift baskets that are edible like a cheese and charcuterie board will most likely be more appreciated and […]

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How do you say thank you for a gift basket?

February 3, 2021

Emailing the person to say thank you for sending you thank you gift baskets are usually an adequate and appropriate response. If you want to reciprocate by sending thank you gift baskets to them, it would most likely be appreciated but not necessary. Thank you gift baskets are sent to […]

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What should I send as a thank you gift

February 1, 2021

Thank you gift baskets are an ideal way for any individual or company to show appreciation as a reciprocal gesture of gratitude. The most popular thank you gift baskets are made up of edible items such as cheese and charcuterie boards. The size of the thank you gift baskets that […]

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