The Cheeseboarder charcuterie assortment of artisan Italian and French inspired and imported cured meats are air-dried, aged and thinly sliced. You will find included, the highest quality popular and familiar varieties along with hand-picked specialty seasoned meats. We reserve the right to make substitutions of equivalent quality.


Prosciutto di San Daniele (DOP) is a cured ham product recognized since 1970 by Italy and as a product of Protected Designation of Origin – DOP by the European Union, because of its unique production only by companies located in Udine Province. Only hams that meet all the parameters are certified and on them is branded the mark of the Consortium, which includes the manufacturer certificate and warranty.

Pinot Grigio White Wine Salame

White wine salami is made naturally by hand with Pinot Grigio and the careful attention of our team. We’re the only Midwestern specialty foods company that makes our own dry-cured meats. We don’t take shortcuts or use anything artificial. We let nature take its time to bring our foods to their delicious peak with fresh Midwest meats and few ingredients. If it’s made by Volpi—you can feel good about enjoying them.

Chianti Red Wine Salame

Artisan-made by a dry-cured process. The red Chianti flavor adds a special zest in our family recipe. We blend in the wine with the freshest meat and allow just the right amount of time for the natural dry-cured process. There are no shortcuts or artificial processes. We let nature take its time to bring our foods to their delicious peak with fresh Midwest meats and few ingredients. Volpi is mindful of what goes into our foods so that you can feel good about eating them.

Olli Sopressata

Soppressata is robust salami flavored with whole black peppercorn and garlic. It has a perfect, classic salami taste that embodies all that we admire about this cured meat. It’s the quintessential Italian salami.


Finocchiona is salami marbled with fat, and flavored with wild fennel seeds (which are slightly stronger tasting than seeds from a farm-grown fennel herb.)

It is made in Tuscany, Italy by grinding the meat and fat coarsely with salt, pepper (ground and whole), garlic seasoning and Chianti red wine.

La Quercia Speck Americano

This Americano produced Speck is lightly smoked over real apple-wood. Antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed pork is raised by caring family farms in the Midwest. No chemical nitrates or nitrites additives. Multi-faceted and sweet with a light smokiness. Duroc or Berkshire pork is mixed with Lancaster. The Berkshire heritage pork has been rated Step 3 by the rigorous Global Animal Partnership (GAP) 5-Step® Animal Welfare system.

Trufa Seca | Dry Cured Black Truffle Salami

This extraordinary creation of delicious cured perfection will surely delight your senses. Made with pasture-raised, heritage breed pork and seasoned with black truffles and mineral-rich sea salt, this is a prime example of how minimal ingredients can produce a phenomenal complexity. Dry-Cured for up to two months. Never heat treated or smoked. Enjoyable with cheese, condiments or just by itself!

Calabrese Hot Salami

Calabrese in Southern Italy, is well known for the famous salami named after the region. The red pepper flakes added to this coarsely ground pork salami provides a generous but mildly hot flavor—an ideal choice for an antipasto or charcuterie board. Now made in Canada to exact Italian specifications, it is pressed into a flat shape during curing. This gives Calabrese its characteristic shape and splendid firm texture. If you have any relatives from southern Italy, or Canada, you’re sure to have heard a lot about Calabrese!