Frequently Asked Questions

All boards are shipped nationwide overnight via UPS and are delivered Tuesday-Saturday. Delivery is free Tuesday-Friday, Saturday delivery is available for an additional cost. For example, all orders placed on Goldbelly by Monday at 11PM EST will be made and shipped out on Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday. See full delivery schedule below:

Monday Orders by 11PM: Wednesday Delivery
Tuesday Orders by 11PM: Thursday Delivery
Wednesday Orders by 11PM: Friday Delivery
Thursday Orders by 11PM:

Our boards are vacuum sealed and shipped overnight nationwide with reusable foam refrigerant packs that keep the product chilled at 40 degrees for 48 hours.

Upon arrival, unbox your board and remove it from it’s temperature controlled jacket. DO NOT remove the vacuum seal or shrink wrap until you are ready-to-serve. Keep board refrigerated.

Boards are best served at room temperature. Remove the board from its vacuum seal and remove each tray from its shrink wrapping. Pour your nuts from their individual bags in the place where you found them and it’s ready-to-graze!

Our boards are custom made for CheeseBoarder with high quality acacia wood.

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