Charcuterie Board

Think of Us as Your Personal Formager.

Introducing an entirely new way to gift grazing.

At CheeseBoarder, we believe that coming together over a well-made spread should be one of life’s simple pleasures. The problem? Most of the time, it takes too much work. That’s why we’re reinventing giftable grazing with cheese boards made better. Shipped overnight nation-wide, each keepsake board arrives pre-assembled and ready-to-share. In other words, delightfully easy. But it goes far beyond convenience. Our vision has been perfected over twenty years in the business, and it shows. You’ll see our expertise reflected in deliciously display-worthy arrangements, catering-level quality, and gourmet pairings. So, whether you’re giving, celebrating, or sharing at home, you’re free to enjoy a grazing experience that delivers all of the flavor with none of the fuss.

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