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CheeseBoarder is a founder-led, family-run business, and proud of it.

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Partners at work and in life, Aaron and Julie got their start in hospitality over twenty years ago, running a catering company together in Palm Beach, Florida. They began small, but their creativity and flair soon set them apart. In short order, they had projects across the country, and counted celebrities like Bruce Springsteen and Prince Harry as clients.

So, in search of a new challenge, they turned their attention to a deceptively easy question: what would it take to make catering-quality cheese boards that can be delivered beautifully, to anywhere? The answer would take years of work, and require Aaron and Julie to (literally!) bet the farm on their idea. Finally, in October 2020, CheeseBoarder was born.

Uniting everyday convenience with gourmet artistry, CheeseBoarder is revolutionizing grazing, one keepsake board at a time. With overnight nationwide shipping, handcrafted quality and prearranged, read-to-graze displays, we’re delivering a delightfully simple way to give and to share cheese and charcuterie.

At CheeseBoarder, we love what we do, and it turns out our customers do, too. After a record-breaking first year and two Forbes mentions as the year’s top gourmet gift, we’re only just getting started. Join us and discover what’s inspiring people across the country to make the upgrade to an entirely new way to gift grazing.

Aaron and julie

Aaron Menitoff

CEO & Managing Partner

Julie Larson Menitoff


Angel Jerez

Partner, Sommelier & Cheesemonger
Rachel Solomon

Rachel Solomon

Our Team photo
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