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The Best Gift Ideas For Cheese Lovers


Shopping for a great gift for the cheese enthusiast in your life? Let us help you find that perfect present for the curd-obsessed people on your gift list. From artisan cheeses to the perfect cheese slicer, there is something for every food fanatic.

Cheese-Centric Accessories

True cheese lovers are not ripping open plastic packages of American cheese. They are enjoying a variety of handmade cheeses and need the tools of the trade, so to speak. Beautiful platters, boards and trays for presenting top-quality cheese is always a thoughtful idea.

Reusable Bamboo Cheese & Charcuterie Utensils

Give the gift of reusable spreaders, spoons and tongs for serving and enjoying cheese platters with gourmet spread and condiments. The Bespoke Accessory Package from CheeseBoarder, available for local delivery in South Florida, is made from sustainable bamboo and contains all of the aforementioned items, plus fork picks and cheese storage bags. You’re probably wondering “who has leftover cheese?”. It happens and when it does, having a storage bag that lets your cheese breathe and stay fresh until you dine again is a crucial accessory for any foodie.

Knives Made Specifically for Cheese

A high-quality cheese knife set would be a fantastic gift as there are different knives for different types of cheese. Who knew? Proper etiquette states that when slicing cheese, you should only cut one type per knife. A well-made wire slicer or planer also comes in handy when enjoying semi-soft cheeses.

Cheese Tasting Boxes Shipped to Your Loved One

Maybe your cheese-loving friend, spouse, sibling or co-worker only loves the act of eating cheese but not the actual slicing and platter preparation part. Don’t worry! Cheeseboarder has you covered with stunning, hand-cut pre-made artisan cheese platters. Choose the one you think your gift recipient will love and have it shipped directly to their home, college or job. All they have to do is remove their cheese tray from its packaging and enjoy alone or with friends!

Give the Gift of Gourmet Cheese Artfully Arranged & Ready-To-Serve

Cheese connoisseurs will love having a beautiful variety of handmade cheeses delivered to their door. CheeseBoarder makes it easy to gift a cheese board. We eliminate all the prep work for you and your gift recipient. Everything is pre-sliced, chopped and assembled prior to packing. Just remove the carefully wrapped platter and start grazing.

Any gourmand will appreciate the carefully curated cheeses and how they’ve been perfectly paired with nuts, olives, fruits, spreads and jams. Choose from a wide selection of cheese, charcuterie or vegan charcuterie boards to send to your favorite turophile today!

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